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Introducing our Newest Coverage - Indian Telecom Market

M Science is proud to leverage alternative data to bring industry insight and competitive intelligence to the Indian Telecom Market. Leveraging one of the largest datasets in the world, we produce a variety of reports that allows your organization to take a more informed and intelligent position in the market.

With our new coverage we offer our clients two robust reports:

Smartphone Installed Base Report

A comprehensive tracker of every active smartphone from every manufacturer at each of the operators with the regional splits. Along with the # of units active, this report also provides the pricing and specifications of each device.

Smartphone Sell-Through Report

Tracks every new smartphone sale to the end customer along with the operator where it was activated. This report also provides a detailed regional view of share of devices/OEMs at each of the carriers.

These reports will help you answer questions about the competitive space, allow you to position yourself to the correct market segments and address the changing telecom industry.

If you are interested in learning more about M Science and over coverage in the Indian Telecom Space, please download the Indian Telecom Information Packet or contact us directly.

Case study summary

Using transaction data that drives the Insight portal and additional web traffic data, we took a dive into a subset of the emerging fitness space. We contrasted SoulCycle, Equinox, and Orangetheory Fitness for a more granular understanding of the business and consumer behaviors.

Analysis in this case study includes:

  • Analysis of core KPIs including monthly spending and transaction size
  • Distribution of members, new member acquisition, current member retention
  • Distribution of members by income
  • Holiday period (New Year's) spending year over year acceleration/deceleration
  • Walletshare of members across the Health and Fitness landscape
  • Web Traffic analysis

Case study summary

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled launched June 21 2019, on console and Nintendo Switch. This remake from Beenox, an Activision subsidiary, combines elements from the original 1999 PlayStation release Crash Team Racing, the 2003 release Crash Nitro Kart, and the 2005 release Crash Tag Team Racing.

The property’s online component and in-game store is prepped for a live services monetization model, with daily refreshes, downloadable content, “Grand Prix” seasons (read: battle pass), and an in-game currency called Wumpa Coins.

The Wumpa coins can be earned through in-game achievements or purchased starting early August. Leveraging the data that is generated from the procedure that fuels our primary video games research, we aimed to identify trends and insights surrounding the title. We seek to provide a preliminary look at the release of CTR: Nitro-Fueled and to explore the payer base of the title.

Analysis in this case study includes:

  • Early Monetization Trends
    • Console (PlayStation, Xbox), Nintendo Switch digital sales momentum
  • Life-to-Date Digital Unit Sales Distribution for comparable properties
  • Payer Dynamics
    • Live services spend overlap between properties for Console and Nintendo Switch
    • Average lifetime spend on live services for Console and Nintendo Switch
    • Core KPIs for comparable properties (transactions per payers, average transaction size)
  • Conversion rates from the full game digital download to live services monetization
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